“I love the intimate personal care provided at Hair Prescriptions Rx and Salon. Undergoing chemotherapy can be very tiring, stressful, and affect one’s self esteem. My wig fitting session enjoyably relaxed. It removed some of my worries during treatment. I feel like myself again.” Thank you once again.
A. Tucker-Buford, GA

I was very pleased with my experience with Hair Prescription Rx and Salon. The staff were very friendly and made me feel comfortable.  I can really tell the skill and artistry involved in creating the hairline and the attention to detail by. I am really excited to see what is going to happen in the upcoming months.”  McNeal-Atlanta GA

Hair Prescriptions Rx and Salon specialize in male and female hair restoration. Over 25 years of education and experience, we continue to improve, grow, and work with physicians and clinics to offer you the best hair restoration treatment plans available.

To offer an effective treatment plan, one must first understand healthy hair and the causes of hair loss. “Healthy hair is a direct reflection of a healthy individual”. Hair is nourished from nutrients carried by the blood. Therefore, when the blood is compromised in any way, the health of the hair is affected. Hair loss is our first sign of potential disease or disorder in the function of our body system.

Whether you are currently wearing a hair system from another company or you’ve never tried hair replacement before, you’ll find your private consultation at Hair Prescriptions Rx, to be incredibly informative. As someone suffering from hair loss, you know the trauma involved in doing any type of social activity, and we can truly sympathize with what you’re going through.

Women’s Lace Front Wigs
The Hair Prescriptions RX® Series of women’s wigs have been carefully selected for women experiencing medical hair loss. The designs are hand crafted with special attention given to the detail, quality control, innovative materials, and exceptional designs. The personal challenges of women experiencing alopecia, chemotherapy treatments, or other medically related hair loss conditions require realistic and practical solutions that achieve comfort, secure fit, confidence, and natural appearance.
The unique designs provide a secure fit for daily wear without bonding so that the hair enhancement can be removed each day for maintaining the quality of the hair and comfort. A small amount of transparent tape may be used for some of the designs for additional security if you prefer.

A natural appearance is achieved with the French lace front, ultra thin skin material, high quality of human hair, and natural appearing scalp.
Comfort is provided with the combination of soft materials and ultra light weight base.
Security is achieved with the special non-slip silicone material or the ultra thin skin material that prevents the wig from shifting and sliding.
Confidence is achieved when comfort, a secure fit and natural appearance is experienced.
We provide the best lace front wigs for women who experience hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy treatments. Our wigs for cancer patients and Alopecia wigs are made with an exceptional quality of hair. We also offer African American wigs with textured relaxed hair and special non-slip materials.
It is important to note that the product pictures and lifestyle photographs of women on this website are detailed examples of how our products can be styled and some may not be the actual product. All of our cranial prostheses and wigs are in unfinished lengths. They will require cutting and styling by your own personal stylist to reflect your personal image and lifestyle. The hair can be cut and styled on your head just as if it were your naturally growing hair.

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