Non-Surgical Hair Solutions For Kids

child1Nobody expects a child to lose his or her hair. The causes range from underlying medical reasons like Alopecia to chemotherapy, to unexplained nervous conditions. Whatever the cause, losing one’s hair as a child can be a cruel blow to self-esteem. Children tend to become the unwilling targets of teasing and ridicule by classmates.

Parents are often baffled as to how to help their children through this hair loss condition. Even worse, at a time when children should be diving into life and discovering new vistas, those children experiencing hair loss find themselves withdrawing and feeling like outsiders.
At Hair Prescriptions Rx we provide non-surgical hair replacement solutions specially designed for children. Our highly trained and experienced staff works with children suffering from hair loss to make them feel comfortable and confident. More importantly, restoring a child’s appearance to the way they looked before the hair loss condition also gives them back their confidence and self-esteem.

Please see our page on HAIR SOLUTIONS FOR MEN or WOMEN for a detailed explanation of how we can help give your child back his or her well being and self-esteem.

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