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Approximately 50 million men suffer from thinning hair or hair loss.
The leading contributing cause of hair loss in men is related to DHT. DHT is the end result of a reaction that occurs between the hair follicle enzyme complex (5-Alpha Redutase) and testosterone.
A condition known as “Androgenetic Alopecia” is responsible for 95% of all cases of hair loss.  Androgenetic Alopecia is the formal term for the kind of balding that is commonly referred to as male pattern baldness.
40% of the male population will experience male pattern baldness.

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Hair Prescription’s RX works in conjunction with Hair Prescription’s Rx Salon. They combine their efforts to help men who are experiencing hair loss from thinning, receding hair in temples to complete balding. Every person we meet has individualized concerns. Each has a different diagnosis as well as a different financial situation.

Our staff adheres to the highest standards and is dedicated to evaluating the “whole” person. When we make a recommendation to begin hair restoration/treatment, we take into consideration your concerns and your goals, ensuring that you will end up with the best long-term result possible.

With the most advanced technology in the industry we are able to address your specific hair loss situation. Whether your hair loss is extensive, moderate or minimal, our non-invasive options will enable you to pass the “fingers through the hair” test. You will feel nothing but natural healthy hair. We set the industry standard with the ultimate in realism; your new hair will appear just as real as your own growing hair.

During your private visit you will meet with one of our  consultants to review all of the options that can potentially address your distinct hair loss pattern. YOU have to experience for yourself what new hair can do for you personally.

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