Medical Hair Cranial Prosthesis

Hair Prescription’s Rx cranial prosthesis is a hair system designed specifically for those suffering from hairloss due to medical conditions or treatments, such as alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, trichotillomania, chemotherapy, lupus, psoriasis or other medical condition. Get started on the road to hair restoration. Regain your personal dignity, self-confidence and the appearance you desire with a Hair Prescription’s Rx Cranial Prosthesis (Wig). Unlike an off-the-shelf wig found in beauty salons, shops or other hair stores, each prosthesis is custom made to fit using your head measurements. Our Lace Wigs and Cranial Prostheses are durable, lightweight and breathable. Our Cranial Prosthesis are the perfect hair solution and the perfect choice if you are suffering hair loss. Our cranial prosthesis are created meticulously and caringly handcrafted to ensure a natural look and feel. Each individual cap style offers beauty, comfort, rich colors and distinctive highlights. We use the finest materials and quality of hair. Our Cranial Prostheses:

  •     Customized to your requirements
  •     Will fit like it is a part of you.
  •     Made to look and feel natural – no one will know it is a wig.
  •     Provide you with a full head of realistic unstyled 100% Indian Remy hair
  •     Has an undetectable hairline with an illusion that the hair is growing from your scalp.
  •     Designed to be styled as if it were your own hair.
  •     Made with 100% Indian Remy human hair and can be parted anywhere throughout the unit to give that natural
  •     scalp appearance.
  •     Styled in different directions.
  •     Durable, lightweight and breathable.

In a hurry? Not a problem. Our Stock Cranial Prosthesis, Full Lace Wigs and No Glue (Glueless) Lace Wigs are available with a quick 3-day delivery.  Our stock Full Lace and No Glue (Glueless) Lace Wigs are made with the same quality as our custom wigs, except the caps are made according to our Stock Cap Sizes. We offer 6 different cap sizes with many different textures, hair lengths, colors, etc. If you can’t find what you want, we can semi-custom a stock lace wig. We can adjust the cap size, add highlights and density, add a texture, etc. Ask us, and we will let you know if we can do it. If semi-custom a unit, it takes 3 days, plus 3-day.

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